What Is A Bean Band?

It's a Band For Your Bean! This NON-SLIP Headband Is The Perfect Accessory For Any Look At Any Age! Bean Bands Are Offered In Hundreds Of Colors, Patterns And Designs! Now We Have A Comfortable Solution To Keeping Our Hair Out Of Our Face And Still Looking Put Together! From The Office To The Gym, From The Field To Happy Hour, There Is A Band For YOUR Bean!

Caring For Your Bean Band

We Recommend Bean Bands To Be Hand Washed And Hung Dry! Many Bean Band Lovers Hop Right In The Shower With Their Bean Band After A Workout, Rinse And Hang!

How To Wear Your Bean Band?

Pull Your Bean Band Over Your Head And Around Your Neck Like A Necklace. Slide The Elastic Toward The Back Of Your Neck. Slide And Tuck Your Bean Band Up Over Your Forhead And Tuck Sides Behind Your Ears. Everyone Will Find Their Bean Band Fits Best In A Different Spot, Some Bean Band Lovers Wear Their Bean Band Close Towards Their Forhead, Some Wear Theirs A Bit Further Back.

Where Are Bean Bands Manufactured?

Bean Bands Are Proudly Made In The USA. Most Bean Bands Are Made By Local, Stay-At-Home Mom's!

Where Can I Purchase Bean Bands?

Bean Bands Are Always Available for sale online!

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